Aquila Server Upgrade Instructions

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This is a Technical (IT) Instructions topic


  • Any existing AquilaServer must be installed and working correctly. It should not be uninstalled.
  • All users should ideally be off the system.
  • Backup the IBID database to provide fall-back in the event of a failure. (Installations for older versions of the server are readily available, should a major roll-back be required).
  • On the machine where AquilaServer is currently installed, run the file AquilaServer_N.N_upgrade_32-bit.exe

Download the AquilaServer upgrade from here: (login required)

Introductory screens: please read & ensure your system meets the requirements.

AqServerUpgrade 1.png

AqServerUpgrade 2.png

AqServerUpgrade 3.png

Server is stopped, files are replaced, server is restarted:

AqServerUpgrade 4.png

Database upgrade starts (this may take 5-10 minutes):

AqServerUpgrade 5.png

Database upgrade completed:

AqServerUpgrade 6.png

Notice the new version number (in this case 39.0) and the number of changes made (1). If this doesn't happen, something may have gone wrong, please Get in Touch.

The IBID analysis calculations are now started and will take some time, depending on the amount of data, hardware specifications, etc. The application is available whilst this is running.

When the calculations are completed, the upgrade is complete.

AqServerUpgrade 7.png


In the event of a problem during the server upgrade, the roll-back process is as follows:

  • Contact EHS who will be able to supply files for the previous version of AquilaServer.
  • Replace the file on your system with those provided by EHS.
  • Ensure the AquilaServer process is not running, either via the Services control panel app, or via the command prompt with "net stop AquilaServer".
  • Restore the database from the backup taken immediately before the upgrade process.
  • Start the AquilaServer process again, either via the Services control panel app, or via the command prompt with "net start AquilaServer".


  • Replacing the necessary files & upgrading the database takes 5-10 minutese; during which time the application will be unavailable.
  • The iBID recalculations will take between 1-4 hours depending on the size of your iBID database. The application will be available during this time.
  • The upgrade also re-calculates the analysis data in the database in order to implement new and changed formulae for the national reports, dashboard reports etc. During the analysis re-calculation, the system will be available to end-users, however performance may be affected slightly.


See Getting support