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Clinical records such as Significant Events, iBID, Wound Assessment and Skin lesion all have imaging capabilities to allow the user to add linked patient images.

To upload a new image, you must select the most appropriate clinical record in which you can upload your images. For example; if your images are of a burn patient, it is likely you will have an IBID record available into which you can upload your images. Likewise, if your images are of a patients skin lesion, there should be a Skin Lesion Assessment record to upload your images into. If there is no appropriate clinical record available, you should create a new Significant Event record & use that to detail the circumstances around the need for your image capture.

For demonstration purposes, this help file will show adding an image to a significant event record.

Images can be imported from:-

  • Files on the users computer
  • From a device such as a camera, scanner or memory stick.
  • From the aqNetPhoto mobile App, available as a download on to the users mobile phone.
  • From a web cam or tablet camera

Patient Folder

The patient folder screen has the capability to show all the clinical images contained within that folder in the Thumbnail Gallery window to the right, or, with more details, in the List of Images.

The patient folder does not allow capture of new images, as all images should be linked with some clinical event.


Thumbnail Button

Where images exist within a clinical record a thumbnail count will be visible displaying the number of linked images.


Click the Thumbnails button to display the thumbnail gallery to the right of the screen.


On the Navigation bar to the the left of the screen there is an Images Button ImagesButton.jpg clicking the Images Button will display an images tab next to the Record/Demographics tab displaying a list of images and their details.

Images view.jpg

Add a new Image

Images can only be added from a significant event record, or from a clinical speciality record, like IBID.

Open or create a new record.

To add a new image select the New Button on the Tool Bar

A "Select an item" box will open, click on a title to select a device the images need to be uploaded from.


Importing Images

For information regarding Importing Images from files please follow link Importing Images from Files

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