Server Migration

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Application Server Migration

  • Stop and disable existing aquilaserver service to prevent further user access.
  • Install aquilaserver on new server. For further details please see Aquila Server Installation
  • Copy the `AquilaServer.ini` file from the old server installation directory, to the new, in order to easily preserve your settings.
  • Uninstall aquilaserver from the old server.
  • Distribute the new server URL to your users, where it can be updated on the login screen.

Database Migration

  • Ensure new server has SQL Server installed and available
  • Create a new login for the AquilaServer service to connect with, unless using integrated authentication. For more info please see Creating a SQL Server Login.
  • Stop the Aquilaserver service on the application server to prevent user access.
  • Backup database on old server
  • Transfer & restore database to new server
  • Edit the aquilaserver.ini file in the installation folder on the application server to reflect the new database location
  • Restart the AquilaServer service.
  • AquilaCRS client re-configuration is not necessary.