AreaCalc For Burns

About Area Calc For Burns

Area Calc for burns is designed to give a visual overview and accurately calculate the TBSA and fluid requirements of a patients burn injury using the Lund and Browder chart.

Area Calc for burns is available as a stand alone application or part of the Aquila CRS system.

Area Calc

Detailed View of Burn Size and Location

Area Calc for Burns allows the user to visualise the patients burn injury in great detail and so provide a more accurate TBSA & fluid requirement than traditional paper or visual estimation.

Assessments can be saved to, and loaded from, the integral database for future review, and can be exported to allow integration with other systems.

Detailed hand viewDetailed hand view

Patient Profile & Fluid Calc

Area Calc includes a patient profile that records the date of injury along with assessment details and the patients personal attributes.   Adjustments to the TBSA calculations are made according to the patients age.

Area Calc calculates the patients fluid requirements over the first 24 hours of treatment based on the Parkland Formula.


Area Calc for Burns is built on a unique templating system.  The Lund & Browder template displays the TBSA but interally stores the surface areas for each burn severity per body part.  This data is used when integrating with other systems such as Aquila CRS and the UK Burns Tele-referral system.

The same template is used in Aquila CRS as part of the core iBID record and also as an on-going assessment tool.